Guiding Tours Tops Best Ways to Make Money Abroad

When studying abroad and you need some extra moeny, one of the best ways is to work as a local tour guide (especially in SE Asia). Here’s a look at guiding tours and other creative ways to earn.

Connect and Plan

Meet the locals. Have fun, develop a sense of community, and gain insights into the country you’re visiting. You can find many opportunities to eat, tour and enjoy activities with local people here. If you have trouble obtaining a work permit, a lawyer may be able to help. Thailand does not allow foreigners to work as tour guides, but other Asian nations do. However, you always can support the local guides as for example a translator. You can also search for seasonal and part-time opportunities to lead tours at historical sites, museums, wildlife preserves and amusement parks. If you really wanna know what it’s like to be a tour guide, you should read Nomadic Matt’s lowdown.

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