Could the next Einstein live in Africa?

We all know Albert Einstein right? By many considered to be the greatest physicist of all time, the one who gave us better understanding about the universe and the world that surrounds us all.

He was born and raised in late 19th century Germany to a relatively wealthy family with decent freedom and lots of opportunities. Needless to say, history taught us that Einstein took these opportunities and worked throughout his entire life to get a better understanding of the universe we live in.

But what kind of effect does Einstein´s background have on his studies and everything he taught us? When talking about cutting edge discoveries in the fields of science and physics we often think about western researchers in lab coats and huge laboratories. But what about the masterminds in other parts of the world where things don’t seem so bright all the time?

Interesting huh? Neil Turok thought so as well and held this amazing and truly inspiring TED talk about smart and talented people living in Africa and about their chances and efforts of getting recognized in the scientific community.