Chinese students on the rise – nearly as many Chinese graduates as English ones in the UK

Walk around the Cambridge University campus for a couple of minutes and you´ll see lots of different people. Women, men, native English students, European students, American researchers and a lot of Chinese students.


According to Higher Education Funding Council for England almost three quarters of all master students in English Universities are foreign. Even though the amount of foreign students in England is slowly shrinking compared to the last 5 years (mostly due to higher tuition fees) the amount of Chinese students is still rising.

Last years almost 23% of all full-time master students in England where Chinese. In comparison, roughly 26% were from England. Students from China were most dominant in the fields of Maths and Media studies and less so in social studies.


The University and College Union state that they’re happy to see so many students from all around the world coming to England for their higher education. Not only do they make a make a huge contribution to academic and cultural life on campuses but also help to boost the economy overall.

The Union does show some concern however towards the governments attitude towards foreign students. The governments rhetoric towards immigration may have damaged England’s reputation as a leading destination for young and talented people from around the world. According to the Union “the Government should be doing more to encourage foreign students”.