Achieve Your Dream of Studying Abroad in Southeast Asia

It’s never been easier to study abroad than it is today. With the majority of the world’s population living in Southeast Asia, the region is at the top if the list for students and travelers who are looking for a spectacular cultural experience.

Find the Program That is Best For You 

Colleges in Southeast Asia, just like anywhere in the world, are full of different departments, majors, and programs. If you are interested in Business, Marketing, or International Relations, you might consider schools in Thailand while Cambodia might be a better choice for History, Religion, or Ecology. has a great search engine that makes it easy to find the country and program that best suits your interests.

When To Go 

One important thing to consider before studying in Southeast Asia is the climate. As it is a tropical climate, the seasons vary significantly from what you might be used to. When it comes to Indochina – Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam – the seasons can be divided into hot, wet and dry. The timing of these seasons will differ a little bit from country to country.




When deciding what country to study in, you should also keep visas in mind, as they will play a role in your experience. If you are intending to study through a program, it is likely that the visa process will be much more simple. In order to obtain a student visa, various documents will be necessary. Student visas will allow you to stay in a country for longer than a tourist visa and may come with the possibility for limited, part-time employment rights. However, if you are not studying through an official program or through a specific university, a tourist visa will usually allow you to stay for 30 to 90 days, after which time you would need to exit the country or seek a visa extension. For a more thorough explanation of visa requirements and procurement, you should check out’s travel section on visas.

Cost of Living 

As Southeast Asian economies are still in a developmental phase, the cost of living is almost shocking for those coming from developed nations. While the plane ticket might leave a bruise, everything becomes incredibly cheap once the plane lands. That being said, it is wise to come to Southeast Asia with a budget since the $2 plates of Pad Thai start to add up. To get a good idea of the costs, read about Carmen and Nathan’s trip through the region at their blog 4feet2mouths.

2012.07.21 Expenses - Big Trip - 7 Months & Chicago.xlsx

Making Money While Studying 

Southeast Asia is the 21st century’s land of opportunity. Whether you are thinking of staying here for three months or three years, making enough money to survive is not difficult. If you are a native English speaker, or if you have a thorough understanding of the language, there are many opportunities to work as a teacher or tutor. But if teaching is not your interest, a great way to make money is by tapping into the massive tourism industry. The first step into this industry is connecting with someone who is already in it. Taking a tour and building a relationship with the tour guide might help you discover new opportunities.

The unique culture of Southeast Asia and the opportunities there make the region a perfect place to study. With the vast amount of choices, finding the best program that suits your interests is just a few clicks away.