60 Year of History

Britain has a 60-year history of deep societal influence from Asian and black cultures being integrated into the homogenous UK life at almost every level. As a result, today’s British citizen is very likely to be a black person standing next to a white person standing next to an Asian person and more in any random group from urban and suburban areas.

Granted there are always a number of rural areas where non-white people are an oddity still, but developed Britain heavily incorporates its elements of society in art, music, food, science, business, entertainment and more. What remains to be seen now is how long clearly identifiable Asian and black cultures will continue to exist in the country as generations of children grow up purely British in thought, language and education.

The trend is, ironically, a consternation for their parents and grandparents who’s own arrival caused concerns for homogenous British so many years before. It may very well be the new cultural challenge will end up being trying to remember what it meant to be British-Asian or British-black.